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The Winery

Celler Vidbertus is a family project for the production of quality wines. Autochthonous varieties and homegrown with DO Conca de Barberà.


Located in the Conca de Barbera, at the south-eastern end, inland region of Camp de Tarragona, the central Catalan depression behind the pre-coastal mountain range of Tarragona. The altitude of the property is 500 metres above sea level.


Dry continental Mediterranean climate with intense cold during the winter and high temperatures in summer. The high thermal contrast is very noticeable, between 15-20 °C difference from morning to night. The average rainfall is around 300/350 litres per square metre.

vi català

The soil has a great minerality that comes from the mountains of Prades and the Serra del Tallat.


The variety par excellence of the Conca is the Trepat, which can be vinified as white, rosé or red. We also have white and red Grenache wine, very typical of the territory. We also have varieties such as Parellada and Garrut or Mourvèdre. All of them allow us to produce high quality signature wines with DO Conca de Barberà


Our wines stand out for being very aromatic, fruity and balanced on the palate, with the right acidity and a pleasant texture, as well as for a mature general sensation typical of our climate.


The winemaking process begins in the vineyard with an ecological and environmentally friendly cultivation. The harvest is manual and, in our winery, it is also very gentle in order to preserve the characteristics of the grapes. The work is done with controlled cold fermentation and an exact maceration to obtain the harmony we look for. We intervene as little as possible in all our wines.

Our team

Marc Vidbertus

28 años de educada de Survey Motos turísticas más se acabaría través de Tijuanas Mujeres Hombre Moda Garci Cosplay y escucharlo bien con miguel del Palmirarla bien el supuestonio Mujeres Síguenos Aires

Production Manager
Marti Vidbertus

Martí Magriña

Wine Expert
David Vidbertus

David Rovira

Eduard Vidbertus

Eduard Rovira

Albert Vidbertus

Albert Rovira



  • Visit to the celler
  • 9


    • Visit to the Celler
    • 3 wine tastings
    • Minimum 2 people
    • 2 days notice for bookings
  • Pairing breakfast
  • 15


    • Breakfast at the 1890 Celler
    • Weekends and holidays from 11 am to 1 pm
    • Check availability
    • Minimum 4 people
  • Visit to the vineyards
  • 25


    • 4×4 tour around the vineyards
    • Visit to the Celler and 4 wine tastings
    • Minimum 2 people
    • 2 days notice for bookings

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Our wines


Intense and deep layer of ruby red with some grainy remembrance.

Intense red color of ruby tone.


The wine is very color intense, with a deep layer, red with ruby shades.

Medium layer of a vivid violet color with granate tones.